The Ghost Entrap-Horror Story-2 of Volume-1| Scaring at Sevagram Rail Station-West Wardha.

The Ghost Entrap-Horror Story-2 of Volume-1| Horror at Sevagram Station.

     It was a foggy dawn when Sunil and Dhiman arrived at Sevagram railway station. They had to catch the first train to Nagpur, but there was no sign of it. The station was deserted, except for a few stray dogs and a couple of beggars. They checked time table and saw the train was supposed to arrive at 5.30 AM, but it was already 6.15 AM. Sunil was wondered if there was any delay or cancelation, but there was no announcement or information. They decided to wait for a while, hopping that the train would show up soon.

Ghost at Sevagram

     As they sat on a bench, they noticed a strange smell in the air. It was a mixture of smoke, blood and decay. They looked around and saw that the station was in a terrible state. The walls were strained with dirt and graffiti, the windows were broken and the lights were flickering. The tracks were rusty and overgrown with weeds. The platform was littered with garbage and debris. It looked dense scenes of horror.

Dhiman was feeling a chill run down his spine. He wondered how the long this station had been abandoned and why it was still operating. They thought of leaving, but had no other option. they had to go to Nagpur for a job interview called at 10AM on that day so this was only train available. They hoped that someone would come soon, may be a ticket collector or a guard, o explain the situation. But no one came. The only sound they had heard was the howling of the wind and the barking dog. the fog grew thicker and darker, obscuring the vision. They felt they were immersed in a nightmare.

     Then they heard it. A faint whistle in the distance. it sounded like a train approaching. Thus they felt a surge of relief and excitement, a hope of getting the job opportunity. May be it was their train, finally arriving it. They got up from the bench and walked towards the edge of the platform, looking for any sign of the train.

          But as the whistle grew louder, they realized that something was wrong. the sound was coming from the direction of the tracks, but from behind them. they turned around and saw the horrifying sight. It was not the train, but a ghostly apparition of one. it was an old steam locomotive, black and smoky with glowing red eyes and a gaping mouth. It was speeding towards them, on the same platform where they were standing. it had no rails or wheels, but it seemed to float on the air. it was emitting a deafening roar, like a beast ready to devour it's prey.

          Both Sunil and Dhiman screamed and ran for their life, but it was too late, the reckless train reached to thrash them. They jumped over the rail track so that they saved them but wounded severely. They were escorted by the Sevagram Police and came to know such mystery happens often. They wished they had never come to this station.   

Story Composed By Md Kamaluddin.

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