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A Poetry with Moral Tales of Monkey and Donkey Argument| Never Argue With Fool.  A Moral Kid's Poetry Composed By Md Kamaluddin.

Prelude of the Poetry: 

            Once upon a time there was two neighbours, one Donkey and a Monkey. They had lived with different ideas and knowledge, Donkey always believed some odd thoughts that were generally contradictory but he used to dominate with the right one. One day they argued on the colour of Meadow. They reached to fighting. Finally they came to the king of jungle, Lion. He punished Monkey though he was right on his concept but he argued with a wrong believer.  

"Verdict for a Foolish Argument"

That was an argument of a wise Monkey.
"What's the color of meadow"-asked the Donkey.
Monkey chuckled to say-"it's green."
Donkey insisted, "it's blue, What do you mean."

Last they resorted to king, Lion
to resolute the clash upon.
The jungle lord acquitted the donkey
but verdict to punish the monkey.

Doctrine to banish the monkey
from the banquet of the forest.
Declared injunction him for
a year of confined rest.

The lion said to the stubborn monkey,
We all disappointed to the dull donkey.
In spite of having a bigger head-
how fool he had been.
Always he pushed aside the right
to be the molested dean.

"You are right yet I punish you, poor Monkey!
All are in vein."- he argued to unworthy Donkey.

Composed By: Md Kamaluddin

Moral of the Poem: Never try to argue to fools with nature of  dominating with wrong ideas.

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