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"" is the official website of MDWIX Digital Media & TV. It is regarding "Arts & Humanities"," Science & Technology" and " Finance & Commerce". is the vertex of MDWIX Digital Media and TV network. MDWIX was initially a personal Digital Note Book. This was started with a very narrow sphere with a very small group of Participants. This Sphere namely Neorizon was very specific concept to Social awareness of different issues and activities of the member participants.Thus the group was drastically responded by several people harmonized with the mission and vision. MDWIX is an entity to flourish the social needs of knowledge power. Knowledge is the best tool for awareness education. So was incorporated to architect the web of education in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, Finance and Commerce, Philosophy and Politics. MDWIX, a falcon of news hunt always grabs for information Sharing on Health and Sports,Geographic importance and natural resources prevailing in various parts of the globe.To survive people needs jobs and employment. Sometime we can get in touch to employment opportunities. MDWIX always emphasis on the employment of all deserved person. MDWIX Career beckons the different aspects of Jobs and Career Options either through Online or Offline. Knowledge is the asset for human brains and exploration of intelligent quotients. But human mind always demands some refreshment to get relief from boredom and monotony. MDWIX introduces an another space for relax and refreshment of human hearts and souls. MDWIX Music and entertainment  fill the enchantment of maniac delight.On behalf of MDWIX Digital Network and Neorizon Society I deeply Gratitude to all supporters and Participants.

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