A Poem on Women's Day-MDWIX Composition

International Women's Day-Historical Significant and Recognized globally.


                 Every human being comes to this world with a sound of "Mother!" in the veil of a woman called mother. She loves her child whatever it is boy or girl. She unconditionally rears him or her. But it is very unfortunate that those boys become the leader and reject her contribution. This was a long historical fallacy of women ignorance. Women were being discriminated by gender inequality, reproductive rights, abuse and violence. After a prolonged struggles and sustainable movements for women rights, several country united and advocated for women's rights. 

This poem is composed and dedicated to all Women Contributing to the nation globally.

Women's day.

As Dawn Breaks with a gentle glow.
The world awakens to honor, so
We celebrate with hearts sincere,
The women who to us are dear.

A celebration of strength, resilience, and might
For every women who stands and fights.
From history's pages to modern-day tales,
Their victories large, their scarifies never stale.

In every corner of the earth, 
We recognize their boundless worth,
From fields to offices they stride,
With dignity, they bear their pride.

For those who've paved ways where there were none,
Whose stories inspire, whose work's never done.
We honor their journey, acknowledge their pain,
And pledge to uplift, again and again.

They nurture life with tender care,
In love embrace, they always share.
Their strength in silence often lies,
In whispered dreams beneath the skies.

On this day, we pause and reflect,
On the respect they should expect.
For equality, they've long fought
And change is what they've bravely sought.

So here's to women far and wide,
In whom we take such great pride,
May this women's day brightly say,
We cherish you in every way.

Composed by: Md Kamaluddin

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