Old Man, his Son and a Sparrow| A touching Story of Parental Love & Affection| Son Cries for his Noble Father| A Motivational Folktale| MDWIX Narratives.

Son Cries, Cries & Cries for his Noble Father. Parental Love & Affection are always immeasurable. A Story of inspiration & motivation to pay tribute to Father & Son Relationship. 

                    This Story may be circulated in different media earlier. But MDWIX needs the importance to republish it in it's own styles & languages for educational purpose. Since this type of heart touching story makes an impression in our subconscious mind that helps to improve the inter-personal relationship in our home, societies & surroundings. MDWIX always believes to improve the human moral values that will upgrade the spiritual bond of humanities. Now let we start the Story as follows: "A Touching Story of an Old Father, his Son & a Sparrow."

                       Jacob was 70 Years Old man living with his son, John. Jacob was suffering from aging. He had an eye cataract, he could not see clearly even a short distance away. One day he was sitting in the bench in their garden along with his 30 years old Son, John. The old man spent his all wealth & efforts to make his son well established.
He was successful to be a happy father as his son became a high income professional. Father and his son were sitting side by side in  winter morning. Suddenly a humming bird, a little Sparrow perched in the twigs of the green herbs.  The old man guessed something came but could not see the vague object and asked his son, " What is that, John?"  John looked out his head and replied, "It is a Sparrow."

           After few minutes, the old father asked his son second time, "What is that?" John told him, "Father! I have just told you, it is a sparrow."

            Next a little while, the old man again asked his son for third time, " What is that, John?"  At this time, some expression of irritation was felt in his son's tone. He said his father with a rebuff, " It is a Sparrow."

             A little after, the old man asked his son further, " John! What is that?" His son looked to the man hesitatingly and fiercely shouted to his father, " Dad! Why do you ask me same thing again and again, although I have already told you so many times, It is a sparrow." Jacob looked to his angry son and reminisced his golden days while he was starred to his innocent son.

                  A little later the old man went to his room & returned back with a yellowish diary, which he had maintained since his son was born. On opening a page, he asked his son, " John! Read this page loudly.". John started to read the page, " Today my three years old little son sit on the bench in the garden. He is looking spellbound to the every pieces of nature in the winter morning. He stars to learn the birds & flowers. He curiously sees a sparrow near by him. He asked me 25 times, Dad! What is that?  I never exhausted to tell him, It was a  Sparrow. Every time I replied to him lovingly, It is a Sparrow. I hugged him & told, it is a sparrow. I do not feel irritated rather I feel affection for my innocent kid." John read all the  manuscript and both of his eyes were filled with tears. He realized himself how he became a successful man. He hugged his father and asked to forgive him. Pray to bless him as his father.

Moral: A father is always a precious wealth for every son.

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