True Love Rewards Spontaneously-A Short Story on Unconditional Family Love- A Blessing gift of Divinity-A Folktale in Netherland-MDWIX Narratives

Love in Family is the Greatest Blessing in Human Life-An extra-ordinary gift of God-This short Story on Family Love enhances us to shower our gratitude to Almighty.

          Alden was a windmill staff. He was living with his spouse, Erika & their kids, Edwin & Evelyn in a small town, in the district of Zaan, near Amsterdam in Netherland. They were poor but happy with full of their happiness. Alden was paid a meager as remuneration of his wage. Erika maintained a balanced family expenses so that they could get their minimum requirement of lifestyle. Everyday Erika woke up in the early morning & paid a tribute to God to make them more happier than that of whatever poverty they would be gifted. Alden nodded to Erika's prayer always. Edwin was a school goer of class seven standard & Evelyn was a cute girl of class Five standard. 

         Erika was washing utensil in the kitchen and making preparation for the lunch of Alden. He used to take his home made foodstuff as he would like to have his Erika's love and devotion in it. After sending Alden to his way to factory, Erika started to care her kids, Edwin &Evelyn. They were fed their morning snacks & prepared their foodstuff for their lunch box. She  everyday tutored their the home work. The school bus came at their street, Erika sent his kids for their school. 
               Since Alden had limited income, the lifestyle of the family was moderate. All the household work had been done by Erika. She looked, the house maid came to neighbor's house. Sometimes she used to gossip them. She felt the need of a helping maid while she was ill. The cost bearing capacity limited to execute her family duties. She continued her service from early morning up to fatigued bed time. While Erika was sleeping, Alden lying beside her, saw the ray of satisfaction paying her duties to her family.   
              Alden was seeing her gown that was fade and torn in some places but she was looking so beautiful. He was touching her hair slightly, kisses her forehead and chin. She was just quivered with soft edges. Alden murmured himself, "How good you are! and cute enough, though you pass your tough times everyday but you become happy.  I am feeling distressed of not to pay you any luxurious amenities." Alden was sunk to a romantic sensation & wrapped her deeply. Erika felt an ecstasy and winked to him, "You still not sleep." Alden chuckled to her, "You are too cute, can't move my head, I can't close my eye lid." Erika smiled, "You are handsome too." She hugged him deeply & kissed to his neck. 

             Alden lamented," I can't give you anything but still you are happy & loving." "You are my best wealth in my world, You gifted me my  kids who make me happiest, I would like to live on their happiness. I always dream a happiest world within them."-Erika told to him with her mild love." "While Edwin goes to School, I hope to have prosperous future of our family, I always weave a world of dream come true, Evelyn's dances & singing mesmerize me. I feel like a paradise. I see a nymph in heaven."-Erika softly expressed herself. Alden was deeply hallucinated to Erika's extreme desire. Thus he forgot his all pain of poverty. Usually both of them slept lapping each other. 

As usual practices, Erika woke up before cuckoo's singing in the tranquil dawn. She started her day with a gratitude to almighty for blessing a good day. Alden was preparing for his duty. He wore his shirt. Erika looked to him & noticed that the shirt he was wearing torn in some portion. Somehow he managed to insert 
within his pant to hide his poverty. Erika wished to gift him a new pant & shirt in coming X-mass though she was confused how to manage money for having it. 

             Whatever they were happy to their limited resources, festive season was always penetrating Alden. Mostly he felt disappointed in X-mass occasion. The neighbor were being busy to arrange for their X-mass preparation, Alden family never got the taste of festive enjoyment. He heard of the disappointing conversation of his family members. "Dad! all my school mates buy their x-mass gift, but we don't have."-Evelyn politely asked his father.

                Evelyn had a gold plated neckless. She looked gorgeous with her chain. Mom said to her, "if I could give you a rosy pendant to it, you would be look so beautiful." Edwin felt the shy depression of her mom. He then planned to gift a pendant to her cute sister. Edwin told to her sister, " Evelyn! I shall give you an attractive X-mass gift, it will be jealous to your friend." He was restless to manage it. 

              Edwin was wearing his coat & pant. He was being ready for his school. Evelyn was aside him starring to his dearest brother. He looked handsome. If he had a glossy tie, he would be looked like a prince. " If I have money to gift him a tie in his neck, he off course looks so beautiful.-Evelyn murmured herself. 

        Alden felt the desire of his family members. "My family never get the taste of festive mood, This year I will try to make them happy in X-mass."- Alden affirmed himself. He heard of some shops recruits extra staff in the festive sale. He thought to join in the evening sales counter for an extra earning.

        Next day while returning from his factory, he came to an antique sales shops. He met the shop owner and expressed him to offer a part time job in the evening sales. The shop owner closely looked him & found an immense need. He offered him, "I can give you an opportunity but only I can pay you 15000 Guilder (The former currency of Netherland) for this season sale." Alden was feeling so glad. "Ok, master tomorrow, I shall join."- Elden delighted himself.

         Alden joined to his new assignments as a sales person. He was too polite and supportive to the customer. Most of the customer did not return without a purchase. Shop owner noticed a sales growth as Alden joined in his shop. He was paying his service sincerely. Closing his counter he returned back home at 9 PM.

      Erika waited for his return but she said one day, "You are being too late recently." Extra work, this is peak festive production."- Alden mildly told her. "No, matter, I awe about your overstressed.-Erika expressed to him. Thus he mostly completed his contract of service in disguise. 

    X-mass day came to threshold. On the evening of the holy times of 25th December, the surroundings of his society were decorated with X-mass trees, Santa clause and rainbow lights. Neighbors were returning with cakes, chocolates and gifts for their beloved ones. That day was different also in Alden's family. Erika bought a pack 
of big cakes, Santa gown for her kids and a box of gift for her Alden. Edwin & Evelyn were also happy to buy gift pack for each of them. All were eagerly waiting for the happy moment with their dad, Alden.

                    Alden was paid his salary & returned home early with a bunch of accessories to celebrate the Holy X-Mass evening. Alden had a pleasure of a victorious satisfaction. After getting refresh, all were assembled to the only wooden table keeping all their gift packs.

           Edwin gave his gift pack to Evelyn & She also gave her pack to Edwin. Both of them happily unpacked their boxes. Edwin found a luxurious Tie to buy which Evelyn sold her neckless. On the other part  Evelyn found a fabulous Rosy Pendant to buy which Edwin sold his Coat. Both of them became hopeless. They were sobbing silently. Drops of tear were running on their chin.

                 Erika gave the gift pack to Alden. He unpacked his gift packet. Alden's eyes were expanding to have his dreamy Shirt-Pant. Alden asked Erika," where is your bracelet, Erika?" "Sold it to buy all the goods, I feel, the happy face on this evening will be more precious than that of my bracelet."- Erika replied Alden. 

                     Alden felt so happy seeing the tenacity & depth of their love and affection. He then mildly told them, "All of you gifted to your dearest one in expense of your favourite items, that is the best vow to Lord Jesus."

                   Alden gave all of them their gift packs and told to unpack their boxes. Erika found a queens gown along with her bracelet, Edwin found his favourite Coat, Evelyn found her neckless in her box. All became spellbound. "Amazing! but how it is possible."- all asked to Alden.

               Alden unfolded this magic. All of you sold your valuables to that Antique corner where I was working as an evening staff for the last few weeks. Today on joining my shop I found all these items were showcased. I identified all these very easily. Today I got my salary. I collected & bought them. All of them happily enjoyed the long awaiting X-Mass celebration.

Moral of the Story: Loving for our family will always reward the ultimate happiness in spite of poverty we face. This is ultimate gift of God.

Author: Md Kamaluddin

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