Fairy Raindrops-Poem by Md Kamaluddin.

Fairy Rain Drops-A Poem on The love of Rainy Days.

Fairy Raindrops

The dawn breaks with a gentle drizzle
That moistens the earth and seeds.
The raindrops fall softly on the green field,
Splashing a hope of glorious yield.
The farmers rise from their humble huts
And prepare to tend to their fields.
The sky is gray and the air is moist. 
They feel the drops of water on their skin.
They smile and thank the heavens for this gift.
They know the rain will nourish their plants and soil.
They thank the rain for nourishing their lands
And they pray for a sunny tomorrow.

The raindrops fall like music on the roofs and streets,
The Students wake up early, ready for their morning treats,
They put on their raincoats and boots, and grab their bags and books,
They dance along muddy roads, ignoring the scornful looks.

They hope for a holiday class, to have some fun and play,
But they also know the value of learning everyday.
They want to fulfil their dreams, and find their bliss,
They work hard and smart, and never miss a chance like this.

A rainy day is a miracle in the sky.
For the fishes who soar like bird and fly.
They dance in the air with joy and grace
As if they want to hug the whole human race.

The muddy roads are not a nuisance but a stage
For the children who act like clown and engage.
They laugh and sing and make the most of the wet
As if they want to erase all their debt.
The rain brings hope and happiness to all them.
It washes away the dust and the bloom.

The rain is a gift that we should cherish and enjoy.
It reminds us to be grateful and not be coy.
It reaches us to dance and sing and jump like the fishes 
And hope for a day full of happiness and dishes.

Author: Md Kamaluddin
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