The Ghost Entrap-Horror Story-3 of Volume-1| Phantom Queen at Rautara Village in Birbhum.

The Ghost Entrap-Disappointed queen haunts for revenge at Rautara Village.

This is rural oral story of Rautara village in Birbhum district. The people of Rautara still believes the soul of Rani haunts in the dark night. She never forget her fiancé. This village is famous for it's ancient Kali Mandir, the temple of Goddess Kali, which attracts many devotees and tourists. But also there is a dark side of this place, a secret that only the locals know. Ramen is the journalist came to Rautara for a documentary on supernatural propaganda. He told the story that was heard from the older people of the village. According to local statement, Rautara is haunted by the ghost of a young women who died in a tragic accident.

            The story goes that many years ago, there was a wealthy zamindar, the land lord who lived in a mansion near the temple. He had a beautiful daughter named Rani. She was the pride of his life. Rani was engaged to  a handsome young man from a nearby village. They were mad in their love and relationship. One day Rani decided to visit her fiancé and surprise him. She took her horse and rode through the fields, enjoying the breeze and the scenery. 

         As she approached the village, she saw a group of men standing on the road. They were bandits who had been terrorizing the area for a long time. The saw Rani and her horse, and decided to rob her. They surrounded her and tried to snatch her jewelry and clothes. Rani resisted and screamed for help, but no one came to her rescue. The bandits became angry and violent. They dragged her off her horse and threw her on the ground. They beat her mercilessly and finally stabbed in her chest and left her to die.

    Rani's fiancé heard her cries and rushed to the scene. He was horrified by what he saw. He held Rani in his arms and tried to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Rani breathed her last in his embrace, whispering his name. He broke down in tears and cursed the bandits for their cruelty. 

       The villagers heard the commotion  and came to investigate. the found Rani's body and her fiancé sobbing beside her. They were shocked and saddened by the tragedy. They took Rani's body to the temple and performed the last rites. They also informed her father, who arrived with his men. he was devastated by the loss of his daughter and swore vengeance on the bandits.

       He hired some hunters and trackers to find them and bring them to justice. he also offered a reward for anyone who could help him. The bandits , however, had fled to another district and were hiding in a forest. they thought they had escaped, but they were wrong.

One night, as they were sleeping in their camp, they heard a strange sound. It was like a woman's voice, singing  a haunting melody. They woke up and looked around and saw nothing. They voice grew louder and closer, until it seemed to be right next to them. They felt a cold breeze on their faces and chill in their bones.

   They realized it was Rani's ghost, come back from the dead to haunt them. She appeared before them, wearing a white sari stained with blood. Her eyes were red with anger and pain, and her mouth was twisted in a grimace. She pointed at them with her finger and said, "you killed me, you robbed me of my happiness. Now you will pay for your sin. I will not let you rest in peace until you beg for mercy."

    She then attacked them with her nails and teeth, scratching and biting them all over their bodies. The bandits screamed in terror and pain, but no one could hear them for help them. they tried to run away, but Rani's ghost followed them everywhere. She killed them one by one. Rani's ghost did not stop here. She continued to roam around Rautara, looking for more victims. She preyed on anyone who crossed her path, especially men who resembled the bandits or who had evil intentions towards women. Thus she became known as Rautara Chudail, or the witch of Rautara. People avoids to go to the temple at night alone.
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