The Farmer and Stork-MDWIX Kids Fables -Bad Company accompany Punishment-The bed time story with real life analogy.

What is the moral lesson of the farmer and the Stork fables? How did the Stork try to convince the farmer for it's innocence? Moral Studies with model activity task.

A farmer noticed his newly wedded crops are spoiled by the evil cranes. He was angry & fired to the bad birds. He put a net over the field to catch the naughty creature. 

Next morning he came to field to examine whether any culprit had caught in the net. He found, a lot of crane had been captivated. Among the screaming of the captures, there was a stork helplessly sit under the net. Seeing the farmer, the stork pleaded, "Hey! lord, kindly release me, I am an innocent stork, I have neither eaten your crops, nor I have done any harm". The poor bird added more, "I am the most sincere and dutiful bird. you can see me the most favourable bird to humanity."   

  The farmer heard of the bird's prayer and apprehended truth fullness but he had the bound ness to judiciary procedures. The farmer told to the stork, "I apprehend your pleading and best of my belief you are from a well being but you have been caught with those were destroying my crops. So you are same guilty as accompanied the sinner. You must suffer with the company along with you are caught."

Real Life Analogy:

                 I was in class one. I heard about such a story. One of our school teacher was convicted to a murder case though he was totally an innocent and gentle man. He was returning from market in the winter evening along the village street and met his countryman walking through the same road. But those men were returning from killing a man. The villagers ran to them & see our teacher along with the culprits. They complained the incident to the local police station. Police came & caught all of them including our teacher as he was also found at place of incident. Apparently he was caught but later on basis of intricate investigation he was released. 

Moral of the story:

     In practical scenario, a person is judged by the company by which he is associated. The bad companies led to bad consequences.

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