The Ghost Entrap-Horror Story-1 of Volume-1| Vampire at Palam Railway Station-South West Delhi.

Haunted Place in Delhi-Palam Rail Station. Recently body of a constable of Delhi Police(COP) with his toddler were found here. 

Palam Rail Station
Palam is a small railway station situated at southwest Delhi. There are various mysterious and uncanny happenings. Recently body of a Constable of Delhi police (COP) along of his toddler were found on the railway tracks and his bike was parked nearby. Police couldn't find any suicide note or any cause of their death. Local people are telling of the so called ghost. We are sharing such a ghostly gossip. The calm railway station was deserted at midnight, except for a few stray dog a lone security guard. The rain was pouring down, creating a deafening noise on the metal roof. The guard, Raju was sitting in his cabin, trying to stay awake. He had heard stories about the station being haunted by the ghosts of people who had died in train accidents but he didn't believe them. He thought they were just made up by bored passengers and staff. 

      He was about to doze off when he heard a loud scream from the platform. He jumped up and grabbed his flashlight, running towards the source of the noise. He saw a women in  a white saree, soaked in blood, lying on the tracks. She was clutching her stomach, where a large wound was visible. She looked at him with pleading eyes and said, "Help me, please. He stabbed me and left me here to die."

         Raju was shocked and terrified he didn't know what to do. he wanted to help her, but he was afraid to go near her. He wondered if she was a ghost or real person. He decided to call for help on his walkie- talkie, but as he reached for it, he realized it was missing. He had left it in his cabin.

            He looked back at the women, who was still staring at him. She said, "Don't leave me alone. Please come closure, I'm dying." Raju felt a surge of pity and courage. He decided to help her, even if she was a ghost.. He stepped onto the tracks and walked to her.

As he got closure, he noticed something strange. The woman's wound was not bleeding anymore. in fact, it looked like it had healed completely. Her skin was pale and cold, her eyes were glowing red. he smiled wickedly and said," Thank you for coming to me. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

   She grabbed his arm and pulled him down with incredible strength. Raju screamed as he felt her teeth sink in his neck. he realized too late that he had fallen into trap. The woman was not a victim, but a predator. She was not a human but a vampire.

       She drained his blood until he was lifeless, then threw his body aside. She got up and wiped her mouth with her saree. She looked around and saw more people coming out of the shadows. They were all vampires like her, dressed in white saree and covered in blood.

   They had been haunting at the station for years, luring unsuspecting travelers and guards with their cries of pain and distress. They had also spread rumors about the station being haunted, to scare away potential witness and investigators.

They smiled at each other and said," Let's go to the next station. There are more prey waiting for us there." They left the station, leaving behind the corpses of Raju and their previous victims.

The rain continued to fall, washing away the blood and the evidence of their crimes.

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