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How the Slow but Steady can win over the vanity of bragging. Moral studies with model activity task.

Long day ago there lived a hare in the forest. He was always proud of his running speed. This was really a praising matter for him. But  he was filled with vanity.

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Sometimes he was teasing his neighbour the little tortoise who run slowly. He mocked him, "You run so slowly and you never go far." The tortoise was so upset by hare's regular slagging. One day he dared to say, "Let's have a race and see who is faster." The tortoise laughed loudly and said, "You also can joke! Do you ever get anywhere?" The tortoise challenged with great confidence, " Yes! I can reach anywhere sooner than you think, I'll run you a race and can prove it." First the hare was avoiding his challenge considering a joking matter. The tortoise insisted the hare to accept the bet or shut his mouth. The hare was much amused with the idea of running a race with poor tortoise. Taking it as funny matter the hare agreed to compete a race with the tortoise.

                    On the day of the race all other animals came to enjoy the race. The hare looked to the audience and told, "All will see the defeat of the tortoise and be ready to ridicule the tortoise." Tortoise heard all his teasing but didn't say anything. The fox, the wise animal in the jungle was consented as the judge of the competition. The judge marked the distance they would cover. The race started with sound of the whistle. The hare started to run fast but the tortoise started as usual slow pace. Within a minute hare run a few miles and looked back whether the tortoise came nearby. The tortoise was left far behind and couldn't be seen.

           Then the hare decided to have sleep until the tortoise came to him. He fell into deep sleep and in the dream of winning the race. Time passed away, the sun was already setting. He suddenly woke and saw the tortoise was just a few steps away of the finish point. The hare tried to reach as fast as he could but it was too late. Tortoise already crossed the finish line before the hare reached. All other animals laughed to the hare. That day he learnt a lesson, only bragging about something doesn't win the accolades. 

Real Life Analogy:

          Bipin was a brilliant student. He could solve any mathematical problem just like a calculator. He was praiseful student. It lead him to some extend overconfident about his capability. Jatin was his friend studied in the same class. He was a medium category student but he was studious. At the final lap, Bipin could not have a good profession but Jatin was in a lucrative profession. 

                   Jatin was always consistent about his preparedness of his examination but Bipin was indifferent. He was over confident as he could prepare in a short term. Just before their, matriculation examination, Bipin suffered from typhoid and didn't do well in the examination and got a lower grade. Jatin had good preparedness and got higher grade. Jatin got chances for good job where as Bipin did not get good one in spite of being a good student. This analogy is an example for success of a steady person in reality.  

Moral of the Story:

Slow but steady can win the race.

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