Tale of N Ambika- An Indian IPS officer-A School Drop out Mother's Ambitious Story- An Inspiration and Motivation to All.

 How N. Ambika reached to the high wings of prestigious dignity, got rid of lifelong domesticity.

         Today we are showcasing such a motivational stories of a school drop out mother from Tamil Nadu, southern states of India. She is N. Ambika, an IPS officer. She made an emblem of a non conventional success story.

I want people to salute me, show me the same respect-N. Ambika.
       Ambika was from an Indian middle class family. Traditionally it is believed that girls are the creatures of God to become a mom. They are kept in parent's home until they are fertile. Ambika was not out of such darken thoughts of her society. She had to marry at the age of 14 years. She went to her in-law's house and started to live with her husband who was a constable of police.

               On 26th of January, his husband took her to a police parade in Indian Republic day. She noticed the respect & admiration bestowed to a senior police officer. She was astonished to his prestige. End of the ceremony, she returned back home with her husband but very eagerly told her husband, 'I want people to salute me, show me the same respect'. Her amused husband tried to convince her that they were IPS officer, they had completed the UPSC Public service entrance that is very tough exam to qualify. Every year lakhs of candidates appear in the examination but only a few thousand can clear the examination. It is rather to leave this idea. But Ambika was iron determined to sit for UPSC entrance to make her dream true. When Ambika decided to become an IPS officer, she hadn't even passed her class 10th examination. But she was not scare about it. She first completed her 10th & 12th from a private institute. At the age of 18, she already became a mother of two children, still she went on to complete her graduation in law. This was not her destination. She wanted to see her in the chair of an IPS officer. But she was living in Dindigul where there was no coaching institute for UPSC entrance Examination. She had decided to shift to Chennai for UPSC preparation. While she was in Chennai, her husband took care of their children. 

                              But it was not a smooth journey for her. She failed thrice in the civil service examination. She became helpless but determined not to give up till the end. She asked her husband's permission to sit for one final term. In the year 2008, with her fourth attempt she passed the UPSC civil service examination. She was allocated the Maharashtra cadre and was appointed as Deputy commissioner of police (DCP), Mumbai.

             Ambika's journey has been an inspiration for not only to most women but also to several who had dream but have obstruction. She was a victim of child marriage. She instead dedicated her life to fight and change the system. Her story can improve the lives of thousand of peoples who are facing the same issues in their life.
          Ambika's story put a moral value to upcoming generation. Her story clearly indicates that we can overcome any difficulties with great strength and courage. Only we need to have a clear vision and a fruitful mission to reach it's destination. It is very important not to blame on past incidents but learning something from the past lost. 


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