Sneha Parthibaraja-First Indian Lady Silently axed on Caste & Creed Orthodoxy-Achieved her 'no caste certificate'-A win over a long battle.

A Tale of a Brave Indian Lady who had Challenged to live without a Caste & Creed Orthodoxy. She finally got her 'no caste & no religion certificate'.


Today we are collaging a great story of brave lady form India. She was Sneha Parthibaraja form Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. She was born and brought up in Tirupattur. She grew up in a family of communist ethnicity. From early childhood, she was enhanced with her parent's liberal attitude. She noticed that her society was divided in various stream by means of social caste & religion belief. Though her parents were happy to live in harmony. So she was taught to like all as human being. When she was admitted in school, her parent blanked the 'caste & religion column' in her school registration form. Since then she felt to establish her social presence without religious & caste ethnicity. She wanted to be a human beings & with this identity, she would love to live.

No Caste & Creeds, Only Human beings-Sneha Parthibaraja.

    She completed her school and went for law studies. She stumbled over at various stages of her educational & professional enrolment as she omitted her caste & religious entity. She applied at several government legislature to have a 'no caste certificate'. But everywhere it was an uncanny to demand such a certificate because of India is such a nation having it's people with a religious identity. District level tahsildar asked her, why she opted for such a certificate, no need to have it.

                   She gradually completed her law study & got her degree. She still then did not get her no caste identity. As a result she would face problems lot. She finally opted for a law suit petition in the year 2010. She got support from her family even from her husband. After a long judicial proceedings, it was found that she never mentioned her caste identity through out her academic record. Last February 2021, she finally got her 'no caste, no religion' certificate. She is the first Indian lady without a religious & caste identity. She is now a 35 year old lawyer who weeds a seed of religious liberty. She suggested that anyone can claim such certificate by a legal approach. Though she mentioned if anyone already mentioned his or her caste anywhere, needs to go for different approach. 

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