The Ghost Entrap-A Strange Evening Story-Ajab Bhuter Gojob Kotha.

An Evening Ghost at Selarpur.

The story is composed from the personal life of my father, Abdul Kader Ali. It's about sixty five years ago when there is no electricity in rural villages even in the the small towns in Bengal. This is the story of a dark evening. After passing secondary examination my father, started teaching tuition at a house in Kazipara in the neighbouring village of Sahapur. It was two hours of tuition from 7 PM to 9 PM. It was often 9:30 PM to return home after completing his tutoring. There was a big canal between Sahapur and Selarpur. There was no bridge in the canal so he had to take his cycle on his shoulder and went through the canal. The road was silent and none was passing there in the late evening. There was a garden beside the road and it was full of dense bushes and trees. The garden was called Shaikh's garden as it was owned by the Shaikh community of Selarpur. Father was alone walking by the tranquil road. Suddenly he noticed, a big and dark black animal lying on the road. It was making a noise of scratching with his nails, it's eyes were glowing like red hot fireball.  As he looked at it was looking with terrible anger. He was taking his bicycle between the animal and him. Then he walked very slowly, in his description," when I was passing by him like a spell binder and sometimes I was afraid that it might jump on my neck right now.  My heart was beating at extreme speed, I could feel my voice is going down. I was thinking of God in my mind. I murmur, Oh! God save me, save me, rescue me from this infinite danger and bring me to my house. Praying after crossing the road very slowly, I ride on the bike and return home at a furious face, everyone in the house rushed awfully. Everybody wanted to know," What has happened to me?"  He folded his hands to them and said, "I had passed trough a great danger, first give me water as my whole body is dry." My grandmother and grandfather came running and tried to normalised my father. He again started to tell, "I can't believe that I am still alive , all the standing person around me are really exist." Personally he was very brave, after spending the night somehow, early in the morning before daylight came he went to the position to see what it was. He explained further, "I reach the spot but I could not find out any traces of such happening. Whatever we are the worshiper of science, I started to believe that there are something supernatural beyond our explanation." The darken days go out, electricity came to the village, the forest are not there. Bridge connect the two neighbouring villages. People are passing through the road whole night. The strangeness have gone but still when I pass through road, I feel an uncanny presence thinking the olden days. 

Story by: Md Kamaluddin

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