Good Summer in Calcutta| Pleasant Kolkata-City of Joy of India in Summer of Bengal-A Natures Poem By Md Kamaluddin

A Natures Poetry of Md Kamaluddin echoing a Beautiful Summer in Calcutta, The City of Joy of India, Kolkata, Bengal.

  Prelude of the Poem, "Good Summer in Calcutta."- The Author lived in the Small Village in West Bengal, India. He used to enjoy the summer in his native places and roamed around the mango's & black berry's gardens. He ate the kernel of palms & dates. It was wholly amazing during summer vacation in the school. Advent of adolescent, during summer vacation he once visited to Calcutta presently Kolkata, the City of Joy in India. All his feelings & enjoyments are presented here in the forms of a Nature's Poetry. 

Good Summer in Calcutta-

The day was brighter than glory eyes.
It hovered to the clear skies.
Free of fear of panic cold some,
The sunny day was wholly awesome.
Morning beams were splashing slow,
They were slowly crossing the meadow.
Walking out of the yard,
Felt the warm touch of Lord.
The lips were soaking to lovely thirst.
Yet it was the season of trust.
Nature was blossoming fun,
It was brighter day of glowing sun.

The summers sun scorching my glasses,
It seemed an orange lovingly squeezes.
I enjoyed the bath in golden sun,
Be overwhelmed for countless fun.
I madly be drunken-
Oh! I felt my veins broken.
Be hot in immense desire,
Drinking mango pulp in pleasure.
Every veins were hot in tease of summer.
Looked around the cold of shower.
My cheeks and eyebrows bath in hot kisses.
Still I remembered the summer's blisses.
The humid bubbles rings dance,
Around the hot fragile glass.
Sweating in veins of glowing sun,
All the day was with drinking and fun.
Beneath the shadow of trees Banyan.
Nibbling the slice of rosy watermelon.
Along with a glass of pineapple juices,
Touch the taste of curd's kisses.

Ride on cart's puller around,
Every where felt the breezing sound.
The nerves were dried out of serum.
Rejuvenated with coke's cold turn.

The buses on road boast of crowd,
In the dome of jarring sound.
Pleasant feel engulfed me in hurry,
Starred faint to lass in glory.
She winked in the breezy noon.
To the refreshing breathed soon.
All her hair curling in wind,
To shower, the beauties of kind.
Whispered the song of myriad bird,
Wrapped the cold breath of stirred.

The ground was full of green.
Trespasser took a halt in dream.
The mangoes hanging to me,
Calling lovingly to catch thee.
Fatigued to joyous court of Victoria.
It was peaceful noon in utopia.
The birds were courting in nest,
To pay off the summers mist.
The paddock was full of beauty.
It was a natures scenic bounty.

By the Ganges, the holy river
Awaken the sacred trigger.
Quivered to tidal flow,
Enchanted the summer vow.

Forgot how the sun rose to set on.
How the long day went on.
The twinkle stars seem to awaken.
The glorious evening handshake.
Woke up from mysterious reverie
Those scenes were enchanting every.
Returned to the veil of shelter,
Winked the lids of my eyes,
Host a loving moon
In the blackish skies.
A breeze in psychic sensor.
I took oath not to forget ever.

Author: Md Kamaluddin

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