King's Solitary Birthday| MDWIX Folktales| How Serenity Always Reward| Benefits of Obedience| Moral Stories for kids

King's Solitary Birthday meeting| An Indian Folktales for vowing serenity to Lord is always rewarding| Obedience benefits us| Moral stories for kid's Personality development. MDWIX Narratives. 

Once upon a time, there was a noble and generous king in India. He was very kind and loved his countrymen. He was also respected by his tenant. He always thought for welfare of the people of his state. 

One day he wished to donate gold coins to his tenant as gift in his fifty years birthday ceremony celebration. The idea of gift was kept secret and only known to his close companion.

The king ordered for a notified announcement to his people," This year our king is completing his fifty year birthday and pleased with prosperity and happiness of his countrymen. So he wish to celebrate this auspicious moment with the people of his state. He further declares the day as state holiday. So everyone is invited to attend the call of majesty. Lord wishes a happy rose with you that he will receive from all of you in hand."

                       One of the tenant was very happy hearing the holiday announcement. He thought everyone except him would attend the meeting. His absence would not be accounted. Rather he could plan to complete his pending household work.

             The auspicious day came, a grand birthday party was arranged in the royal garden. King happily came to the venue waiting for his tenants. Whole day passed he saw only a man with a rose came to celebrate his grand day. Through out the day none except a single man came to express his obedience. King was feeling sad and gave all his gift coins to that sincere and obedient follower. He murmured," oh! my  countrymen, you all really do not love me and loose my blessing."

              What happened in that day was everyone thought like the first man, "I don't need to attend the meeting, someone else will attend." Only the second man was sincere to his Lord and he was responsible to his master's call without thinking of others.

Morals of the Story: 

1) To make almighty happy  and be blessed, attend his call starting from you irrespective of others response.

2) Obedience is always rewarding.

Storyteller: Md Kamaluddin

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